Monday, April 21, 2008

The Myths...

My daughter Rebecca surprised me the other day when she announced that she needed the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Bible for her English class.

Me: Why do you need those books Rebecca?

: I'm doi
ng a report on common myths attributed to the Catholic Church.

Me: (Gulp.) Are you sure you want to do that?

I was quite nervous about her topic selection, knowing what a liberal town public school can do to a person with a strong Christian faith. It is not pretty. I just closed my eyes and said a prayer as she left for school that day. Her teacher is a fallen away Catholic with strong ties to a more secular view of spirituality, social justice and tolerance, but is a fair teacher in all other respects. But after thinking about her selection, I realized that the only way she will be able to grow in her faith, is to study it. Once you learn more about Christ and His Church the more you fall in love. She's answering her own questions about her faith by defending it to a mostly hostile crowd. It takes guts. All at the tender age of 15. (Another of her references is a three volume set of books titled,

RADIO REPLIESwhich answers many questions made by callers to the radio show. An amazing set of books!)

It all comes at a good time since she will be Confirmed in Christ on May 1st. Part of becoming an adult in the church is being able to stand up for the Church and her teachings and to vow to live a full life as a practicing and knowledgeable Catholic. I can think of no better way to prepare for the Bishop and his questions than by preparing for her English paper. The Holy Spirit will truly be at work with my child, and the Holy Spirit will use her for the benefit of all within earshot--already her paper is over two pages in length, single spaced, size 9 font size.

I was never that knowledgeable and engaged in my faith at that age, nor was I as gutsy. It just goes to show that today's Catholic youth are yearning for something more deep and meaningful than the empty promises of our secular world. These are the leaders of the church of tomorrow and I, for one, think we are in darn good hands. Go Becca!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Welcome Pope Benedict!

What a blessing to have such a historic visit from the most well-known religious leader of the world! From what I have read and seen, he appears truly thrilled to be here in the United States! I wonder why? Maybe it's because the Catholic church is argueably alive and well in the U.S. as compared to the faithful in European countries. It could also be a sincere welcome from George Bush...a world leader that shares in the Pope Benedict's view on social/moral issues in the world. Perhaps he really likes the enthusiastic crowds or the really good birthday cake given to him on his 81st year of life. Either way, it's great to have him with us to remind all faiths of the hope we all have in Christ.

I was watching one of the morning shows this morning featuring Kathy Lee Gifford (formerly of Regis and Kathie Lee) speak about her impressions of the papal visit. She mentioned that she is not Catholic but when seeing the Pope come off the plane yesterday, she could not help but stop what she was doing and cry. I looked at him with yearning and emotion as well. This only goes to show that we all admire the message that Benedict holds dear and represents. We all look to him with admiration for all he stands for and lives by...maybe we cry because we recognize the potential we individually hold inside our hearts to be like Christ....and painfully recognize how we have fallen short. Maybe we look at him and feel so. far. away. from the Jesus we should know, the Jesus that Benedict represents. Pope Benedict makes it look so easy to believe in Christ and live a life focused totally on Him. Why can't we do it as well? Pope Benedict has come to America with the message of hope. For me, it is a hope that I can one day be worthy of Christ's sacrifice. Pope Benedict reminds me not to give up on living life as a committed Catholic and believer as I continue with my vocation of wife, mother, youth minister, and evangelist. The pope makes it all look so easy, and it IS! All we need is that hope!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A little reminder

While walking in the parking lot with the family, I found myself exasperated when I saw Jack with his shoes untied.

Me: Jack! I've told you a gabillion times to tie your shoes! What are we going to do with you?

Gus: (leaning in to me as if to tell me a secret) Just love him, Mom.

I will, Gus. I will.