Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Blogroll

Finally! I've added a wonderful blogroll of strong Catholic Women Online for you all to peruse and visit at your leisure. Just look to the right of my posts and look below the
Catholic Mothers Online
sign. There you will find a grand array of blogs to enjoy. You will, not doubt, find many of these women going through the same trials, tribulations, joys and successes as you. Have fun and enjoy! I have!

VBS Sonforce Kids Secret Agents!

There is nothing like the sheer joy and excitement of a well-done vacation bible camp experience for kids. Most of my kids attended this year (all except King Henry)in some capacity and all learned about Jesus in a interactive, and fun way. I was more than impressed when my son Nick, quoted from scripture, when Gus was caught singing the songs from the music class, and when Jack confessed that he could not wait to see what was going to happen next during the drama act that was performed each morning.

It's pure joy and sincere acceptance of what is taught with little questioning or doubt. That is what is so great about being a kid. Jesus is not so far away; kids understand very easily that Jesus is real and living among us. It's not until we grow into young adults and are taught to doubt and question that we start to slip, wander, and wonder why we ever believed in the first place. The joy goes away for some reason.

For now though, I'm enjoying the fact that my little ones know Jesus...probably better than I do, and believe what He teaches from their very core. Vacation bible camps reinforce what is already ingrained in their souls. The love of Jesus for them and their innocent love of Him. Are there vacation bible camps for adults? If so, sign me up!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Nicholas

To my first born son I wish a very happy 11th birthday. Here is to your charm, faith, personality, humor, dancing ability, and smile. God surely knew what He was doing when He sent you to us on that beautiful June day in Iowa. May we always know how much He loves us by how much you make us feel blessed! Happy Birthday Nick! You totally rock, dude!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Never judge a book by its cover.

At first Gus was skeptical. He looked at the dinner set before him and scowled at the array of ground beef, veggies and pasta mixed together on his plate. Knowing full well that groaning at the food would get him promptly sent to his room without dinner, Gus picked up his fork and took a small bite of the mass in front of him. His scowl quickly turned into surprise as he explained to his brother, Jack:

Jack! It looks really nasty, but it tastes really good.

Try the recipe yourself and be pleasantly surprised like Gus. Oh, but it does look pretty gross.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Meet the parents

There are moments when everything you have scheduled for the week just cumlinates in one big blob where you either sink or swim. The last week of school can be a challenge with all the parties, graduations, teacher gifts, thank yous, snacks, goodies, mix all that up with your son's 11th birthday party and it makes one want to cower in a corner and just cry. But its amazing at what happens when you have an extra pair of hands, or mouth (as the case may be) which totally turns a crisis situation into something enjoyable and pleasant. Those extra hands were the hands of my parents who have been visiting from Texas.

Their life is much different than mine. They have quiet mornings with coffee on their front porch; I have five children begging for breakfast and backpacks. They have a slow walk; mine is fast with a purpose. They have a smile and a kind word for all they meet here in North Carolina; I have a rushed "hello" and a pathetic "How have you been?" as I walk away moving toward the next thing. They have a schedule; I have, well, scheduled chaos. But it is all so much more pleasant when they are around. They don't intrude or question my behavior. They mostly lend a listening ear and an encouraging word...and the best part is when they say, "You look like you need a nap. We'll watch the baby." They've done what I have done. They have walked in these worn shoes and smile knowingly. I know it must be hard for them to enter my home of craziness...pulled from the quiet of their world, but their presence gives me confidence that I can "swim" on the crazy days and sink when I need to. They quietly remind me that I am allowed to sink every now and feels good NOT to get those brownies baked for graduation, or wrap that gift in time for the birthday party. They remind me that what is important is to make TIME for others, for family, for good food and drink, for stories, for games, for a slow walk in the neighborhood, for a kind message to a friend or child, for love and being loved.

My blessings are many in this life and my parents presence is surely one of the best!

Monday, June 04, 2007


Me: Gus! You need to sit with BOTH cheeks on the kitchen chair!

Gus looks up at me, smiles a devious smile, and promply puts his FACE on the seat of chair.

Me: Gus, those are NOT the cheeks I was talking about!

Gus: But you said to put both cheeks on the chair. I'm just doing as I'm told.