Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No lost love

As Jack and Gus returned home, they got out of the carpool and started walking up the front yard to the door. As the carpool started driving away, a passenger girl smiled,waved at the boys and excitedly said, "Goodbye boys!"

Gus was heard to mutter through his teeth, "Goodbye annoying girl."

The mother of this boy was said to have sighed a heavy sigh.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I finally did it. I always told myself that I would never have any part of this modern communication technology. But I did it anyway.

Come be my friend.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Falling for Fall Pumpkins!

It is Fall in North Carolina.

There is no other season I enjoy more than this time of year. North Carolina is the place to visit during the Fall season! The leaves are turning, a nip of brisk weather is beginning to break, the pumpkins are piled up at local stores and farms, and the kids are excited...because Halloween is around the corner. If Halloween is near, my kids instinctively know that our annual trip to the farm of a dear friend for barrels of fun, laughs, chili, a spooky hayride, a campfire, and the carving of the pumpkins is just around the corner.

Here we have most of our carvers behind some of their creations. (Nick is not pictured. He opted for the hayride.)
Rebecca chose to honor the blockbuster movie of the summer, "Batman-The Dark Knight" by designing her own pumpkin carving complete with a silhouette of Batman and the bat symbol.

Jack and Gus combined their efforts to create a friendly ghost face. It makes me want to do the happy dance just from looking at it. And Nick, opted for the traditional "Wolf, howling at the moon" design. All three Clemen's pumpkins are pictured above. I do believe we may have some pumpkin artists in the family! Watch out Martha Stewart!

OK folks, with all that, and more to come we begin the crazy Halloween celebrations that I like to call, "Hell Week!"

Stay tuned for the amazing costumes that will be all the rage in my house. Rumor has it that Indiana Jones may make an appearance as well as some ghoulishly creepy characters that are sure to delight!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

True wealth

I was at my favorite bagel place yesterday with Henry and while there, we enjoyed the blissful taste of a butter bagel, juice and baked Lay's. As usual, Henry smiled at everyone in the store and enjoyed simple banter with the patrons. His chubby arms waved, his plump legs galloped toward the well-known employees, and his playful eyes beams with happiness. There is always someone who shouts out, "Hi Henry! How's the chick magnet today?" After we received our order, we found our "special" booth and sat down. As I ate my treat, I watched every move my my baby boy made. Every wiggle, every expression, babble or laugh....I soaked in every second of this special time. Just Henry and I. Together. How well I know how fast the years go by.

After a few minutes, Henry decided to insert himself in the conversation happening between two middle aged women in the booth behind. He smiled and played peek-a-boo with the ladies. But I quickly stopped him so that he would not disturb them too much.

As we got up to leave, I felt a tug on my sleeve and I soon discovered that it was the woman in the booth behind me. She looked at me, smiled and said these simple, but true words.

"You are a rich woman."

The words resounded inside of me. She told me something that I already knew...five-fold. But somehow when a stranger stops you out of the blue and says something like that out loud, it makes me feel as if this message was somehow divinely inspired. A message from the Almighty straight to my heart. I do feel like a rich woman, regardless of material goods or money.

The recent economic crisis has caused doubt, fear, and uncertainty, but being truly rich with family? Well, there is nothing uncertain about that...and no one can take your family away. I have never felt more rich in my whole life. Every time I look in my baby's eyes. I am the Queen!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess who turned 2!

Our Henry turned two on September 22nd! We can hardly believe our baby is a toddler complete with strong-willed opinions and suggestions for what he wanted as his birthday cake!

Clearly he wanted the "samwitch" birthday cake that he found in one of my baking books. I call this cake the hamburger cake (complete with mustard, ketchup and pickles). Although floppy and off-balance, my baby boy was delighted with his cake!

Can't you tell?

You can see more pictures of some amazing hamburger cakes at this creative site.
(Who knew there was such a love of hamburger cakes out there!) You'll be amazed at the variety and creativity. I must say, that even though it may seem as if a hamburger cake would be disgusting to is quite the opposite! There was not one slice left afterwards!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Explosion of color

This piece of art was created by the great 2nd grade artist: Gustavo! He was inspired by his art teacher who "told us we had to do it that way." He used a Sharpie, watercolors, and oil pastels. The result, as the keenest eye can see, is an explosion of color! Bravo!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mountain Muses

I've recently returned from a wonderful Whitewater Rafting Trip where I took 54 young people from the youth group to the mountains of North Carolina. In addition, I took my entire family so that they could enjoy the great outdoors with the teens. While the youth group was rafting, I stayed behind with Jack, Gus and Chris to prepare for dinner. Jack and Gus decided to frolick in the 10 man Jeep Tent I purchased a few years a bargain ($69) while Chris and I started the fires, organized paper products, adjusted picnic tables and spread out a variety of chips and snacks.

After a few minutes, we called Jack and Gus out of the tent so that we could have a snack together before the youth returned. Much to my surprise, Jack did not come out immediately. I called a second and third time only to hear a soft call from the tent saying he was busy. "Busy? He was busy in the tent? Doing what?"

Finally Jack came out of his little hole and approached the snack table. He surprised us all as he looked around at the goodies and responded, "Huh, I guess I can take a break from studying my Greek."

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Little old man

Chris walked into the bedroom to find little Henry in the rocking chair, watching a T.V. show.

Chris: Henry, what are you doing?

Henry: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!