Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Never Again.

A few weeks ago, the family spent a fantastic 3 day vacation at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. After visiting numerous parks around the nation, I must admit that Busch Gardens is my favorite. It has beautiful landscaping, trees with large canopies, excellent roller coasters and fun kiddie rides. After 9 years of taking the youth group to this park, I had ridden EVERY roller coaster they had at the park numerous times...until they built this one: The Griffin. I had avoided his one. It's huge! Scary! and very, very tall. It made the other roller coasters look like little miniature toys. It wasn't until our family trip that the kids taunted me to get on the monster. I refused over and over....until little Jack (who had ridden the dumb thing 15 times) promised me that I would like it.

I rode the Griffin. Eyes closed the entire time. Praying for God to deliver me from the insanity of the first drop. (You can see the second drop in the background of the picture.) And you know what? I thought my face would fly off with all the pressure of that drop! It was a terrifying experience that I will NEVER do again.

But the cool thing is that I rode the Griffin....and lived to tell.

Standards of Beauty

I recently enrolled Jack and Gus in tennis class. They both seem to enjoy the class OK, but according to the conversation they were having on the way to the courts, the instructor may soon have trouble on her hands. They were so engrossed in their conversation, they did not even hear ME trying to give my view. Typical.

Gus: Jack, don't you think our instructor is ugly?

Jack: Yeah! She is from Russia or something.

Gus: I can't stand looking at her.

Me: What?? Guys! I think she is pretty!

Jack: Well, I guess she has a nice voice.

Gus: Uh, huh. If only we could just close our eyes and just listen to her.

Jack: THAT would TOTALLY be better!

Here is the thing everyone: This girl is gorgeous! She is Russian, has a beautiful accent and is quite svelte and sophisticated. Personally, I would love to have her face and body...It is beyond my comprehension as to WHY my two boys are so concerned with the looks of this woman. Clearly their mom holds their standard of beauty...I hope they stay small forever!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The third floor

New paint, new colors, new carpet...what a beautiful looking room.

But now the rest of the house looks dingy. Ug.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


In case all the political talk is driving you crazy; here is a video that might help to clarify things. Grassroots films does it again! Great job guys!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Rebecca's new favorite song: Cinderella

As many of you know, Steven Curtis Chapman is a well know contemporary christian singer who touches so many with his songs and stories. I've been listening to his music for over 20 years.

A tragic accident happened to his young daughter, Maria a few months ago. She died after being accidentally hit by the family SUV driven by her big brother. This beautiful song was written by Steven before his daughter died, but serves as a tender reminder that life is short and to love with all your heart....because you never know when the clock will strike 12.

Try not to cry.....

A priest's view of Sarah Palin

Be sure to read the latest on Mrs. Palin. It's a great