Monday, February 18, 2008

If it is yellow, let it mellow. (gross!!!!!!!)

In case you have not heard, my area of the country has been living with a severe drought situation for the past 8 months...give or take. The governor has encouraged all North Carolinians to cut water consumption by at least 20% or more. Low flow faucets and showerheads are flying out of stores, rain barrels are being used to collect dew along with the few precious drops of rain that we get. We are turning off the water when we brush our teeth, fixing slow water leaks, taking shorter showers and refusing water at restaurants. No hand watering of lawns, filling swimming pools or washing of cars is allowed, unless you want to risk a fine of $1000. And when it comes to flushing toilets, the saying here in North Carolina goes like this: "If it is yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down."(ewh.) As long as our reservoirs contain less than 45% of water, Stage 3 restrictions will continue. Needless to say, many businesses are suffering under this drought. Especially landscapers, car washes, and nurseries.

The other thing that is suffering is my car. While I can live with a dirty car on the outside, the inside is another story. Oh, I can vacuum and scrape up old lollipop sticks, French fries, and cookie crumbs...but I cannot scrub my floor mats. Doing so would require that I use water from the hose. I did not realize this until I was well into the process. After cleaning the inside of the car to where it was gleaming...I realized I would have to put the nasty, crusty, sticky, stained floor mats on top of my freshly vacuumed carpet! I confess that I was tempted to use my garden hose and headed to the back yard to assess the situation. Luckily, it rained yesterday and I thankfully found a few gallons of fresh, clear rainwater in the galvanized tub set up near my back porch. It's amazing how much you can clean with so little water! In no time, I had my boys hand scrubbing my nasty floor mats! A great lesson for all of us.

Throughout this drought I am reminded of how MUCH we have in this country. Where so many around the world must walk miles for fresh, clean drinking water, all we have to do is open our faucets and fill our containers with all we need. Sacrificing a small bit for the good of the community/world is a good thing. In the long run we all benefit, and learn to appreciate the finite resources that God has placed in our care. Acting responsibly, even when no one is looking is its own reward, and God expects us to do so.

Pray for rain.


nicole said...

So you drink lots of bottled water? I am so thirsty all the time, I think I would go crazy. I hope it rains soon and a lot (but safely) for your area of the country.

Aquabarrel said...

Why not have the kids help you make a rain barrel? Rain Barrel kits are available at After the next rain you could have 50 gallons or more of water to wash a lot of floor mats and maybe some left over for the outside too. The kids might even enjoy decorating the barrel.