Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pinch me, am I dreaming?

The other night, the kids and I visited the local "dollar store". You know the type of store... where everything is advertised as being only one dollar, but in reality costs MORE than a dollar! What is up with that??

Anyway, I was in a generous mood and felt like the kids were being really good lately, so I told them that they could each pick out a toy from this...uh, DOLLAR store. They all found a few gems that thrilled them. Jack and Nick found camoflauged automatic weapons (a staple in my home) and Gus found two miniature army men with their weapons. Rebecca wanted some rubber glue. It was for the sole of her shoe which was coming apart and solved her problem.

All of this should have cost me, $4, but since it was not a REAL dollar store, I paid over $25. Sheesh.

But that was a small price to pay for the priceless joy and gratitude that effused from my children. Cheap plastic toys absolutely made. their. day. (And Rebecca was happy to have intact shoes.) As we drove home after our shopping trip, I enjoyed the conversation between the kids:

Gus: Oh, I hope this is not a dream.

Me: What do you mean Gus?

Jack: Gus, it could not be a dream, 'cuz why would I be in your dream?

Gus: No, it's just that I always have dreams where I get cool toys, but wake up to find out that I did not get them.

Jack: Don't worry Gus, it's not a dream. You have a cool toy, and so do Nick and I.

Let's hear it for the cheap plastic toy that brings joy!! Even if I DID have to pay more than a dollar for these cheapy goods, it was worth it!

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Catherine said...

"Jack and Nick found camoflauged automatic weapons (a staple in my home)"
Mine too!
Isn't it fun to have boys in the house?
Enjoying your blog!