Monday, September 11, 2006

Band Aid

Wow! What a weekend!

While I won't bore you with all the details, I will give you the highlights of one night in particular that brought joy to our hearts.

Friday night was Rebecca's first time marching with the local high school band at the football game. It was glorious!

The evening began with a "beginning of the year" pig pickin' on the lawn of the band hall. I helped serve over 300 people in the muggy heat. My ankles were swollen, my rear ached, and my legs ached but it was all worth it to see the smiles of such good and polite band members. After everyone ate their dinner, the band suited up, warmed up, lined up, and marched to the field accompanied to the beat of the drum core. We parents followed behind our children, proud as punch! I watched in disbelief as I saw the years fly by....wasn't I just in the band? Wasn't it my mom and dad following behind me?

Luckily the weather started to cool down, the breeze kicked in....but so did the rain. HA!! Of course we did not have any rain gear in our possession, so many of us just sat on the metal stands, soaked, waiting for the game to start and the band to perform. Jack and Gus danced in the rain, Nick sat patiently next to his dad with water dripping down their necks, and I wilted next to another mother who took pity on my pregnant self and shared her spare umbrella. Ponchos could have been purchased at the band boosters booth for $2, but my pennny pinching husband refused to spend the money (thanks honey.) The rain soon stopped and it became time to see my daughter perform.

There she was, tall, straight, and beautiful in her gold and black. Marching like a pro. Grand music and bright lights shining down on their instruments. Were there mistakes? Well if there were, I did not notice because I only had eyes for one child. I am so thankful that Rebecca has found the one thing that gives her pure joy...the music...I'm also thankful for the patient guidance of the band director and support that makes that band go. I could not believe how much parent support there is for the the band and how dedicated these parents are. Despite the rain, heat, swollen body and pain I had experienced that evening, it was probably one off the greatest days of my life, and one I will never forget. My baby is growing up and I am the lucky one to say that I am her MOM.


Tim said...

Another joyful day in the life of a good mother!

Mary said...

Well, all I have to say is that genes for the arts comes from Grandma Mary. David's kids are fab too and Kelcie with her dancing.

What can a Grandma from Texas say....I am so proud because music gives me the courage to carry on and our grandchildren have picked it up and will carry this music to the next generation.

Grandma Mary