Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The best kind of yard man

We are so in love here at, uh, um, four crying out loud er. I mean, five crying out loud....or...whatever. I have NOT decided what to name the blog now since Hank has entered our lives. For now, things will just have to stay the same until I get inspired or get a really good idea for a new title. Anyway, Hank is such a sweet baby and tends to charm everyone who stops by to see him. He's had a steady stream of visitors and friends bearing 'yummy' dinners so that this mommy does not have to worry about feeding the crew. Thanks to all those folks who have made my life really easy this week especially my mom and dad who have traveled all the way from Texas by car to help with laundry, cleaning, yardwork and babysitting.

This morning a friend called and asked if she could stop by and bring a gift for the baby. I told her she was more than welcome to come by. My dad was in the yard, working in his scrubby know what dad's wear..t-shirts with holes, old shorts, tall socks and tennis shoes. Lovely. He was sweeping the sidewalk..removing the grass clippings that fell there after he mowed the lawn. As my friend walked in the door, she exclaimed, " Oh, you have such a nice yard man!" I laughed to myself and replied, "yeah, and he' s really cheap!" "My maid (mom) is up in the laundry room, if you like him, you'll really like her!"


SteveG said...

five crying out loud....or...whatever

How about...

Pleading the Fifth.
Taking the Fifth.

Or something along those lines. :-)

I am thinking, thinking, pondering......

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

oh......those are gooooooood! I'll keep thinking....thanks steve!