Thursday, March 15, 2007


Jack and Gus were pleased to discover that I bought our first batch of sidewalk chalk today. It's surely a sign that Spring is on the way and that there will be many days in the sun drawing and playing. The boys asked to go outside and play with the chalk on our driveway. I, of course, took advantage of their offer to leave me in peace, and was happy to see them off. After awhile of silence, I decided that I'd better check on what they were doing. As I walked outside, I found a some beautiful chalk art on my driveway... Keep in mind that our driveway is on a steep grade so the whole neighborhood gets to see their art..a neighborhood filled with many, many, non-church going families. Well, if they suspected we were fanatics before, they'll surely know we are now. Isn't that great? Childhood evangelization at its most innocent.!


Chad said...

How dare you fill their minds with such dogmatic, judgmental ideas! (just kidding...)

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Don't you just love sidewalk chalk. May your neighbors be moved by these little evangelists!