Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Me and the boys

Summer is rip roaring along these days. Rebecca has gone off to her yearly Band Camp experience for a week which has left me with a houseful of testosterone driven boys. Gone for a week are the girl type behaviors of Rebecca and I slipping out for a quick pedicure or for trip to Southern Season for some jelly bean candy or gourmet chocolate. I have no one to eagerly volunteer for a late night trip to the gym or for a walk in the neighborhood. Nope. Boys are different. Instead I have learned some valuable skills from my boys this week. Skills that may impress my neighbors and colleagues one day.

Gus proudly demonstrated the furious "popping" sound of bubble wrap while sitting on it, "MOM, doesn't that sound like a fart?"

Nicholas demonstrated how one can entertain neighbors outdoors while squeezing his lips between the door and the door jamb while singing a song.

Jack's high pitched whine can help clean out any china cabinet.

and Henry, well he's still a baby, but he is a very useful alarm clock if any of you would like to borrow him. He'll get you up at any hour of the night and test your patience while he sneaks up the stairs determined to find his brothers.

All these talents and more await an unsuspecting future wife, but for now they are for me to enjoy. I'm blessed with a herd of boys whose enthusiasm and joy for life goes unmatched; but for my great love for each of them. It's been a wonderful week with just me and the boys, but I do believe it's time for a pedicure.

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