Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Poor blogging, great summer!

Now I know I have been a poor blogger of late, but who can really blame me with five kids at home for summer break, a great vacation to Myrtle beach with the Clemens family, vacation bible camp, and summer projects galore! We are making memories here at four crying out loud as quickly as we can, but have little extra time for details! Please settle for a picture bonanza of moments of grace and love! Oh, and happy 70th birthday to a gal who raised my handsome and ever-lovable husband, Chris!

Uncle Jon and Chris surrounded by grandbabies!! You can't misplace a grandchild or adult in our specially designed neon-orange t-shirts!!

The whole Clemens clan for a group shot. Wide angle anyone?

Jack and Gus: The boys of summer....and their castle!

No. They are not waving for help from the lifeguard....they are waving at ME!

Becca and best friend Lizzie at the water park!

Grandma Dot and Grandpa Pat at Dot's birthday celebration! Medieval Times no less!

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Mary & Hector said...

What a wonderful vacation for all. Especially for Dot and Pat.
So glad this happened Make it a tradition.

Mary & Hector