Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Beachy keen!

Ahhh, vacation. A long and well deserved one for the family on the Emerald Isle Beach in North Carolina. There is nothing like the feel of sand between your toes, the sound of crashing waves on the shore, the sun bearing down on your shoulders, the sheer joy of my children's laughter and the inevitable discovery of a gallon of sand found in your swimsuit bottom. (How does it ever get in there?)

There is not much to do at the beach other that lay on it, play in it, walk on it, search for shells or sit on it and stare into the abyss of never ending ocean. I escaped one afternoon for a short walk on part of the the 12 mile shore of Emerald Isle I enjoyed the rush of water pushing at my feet creating a sinking feeling in the sand. The wind blew against my face-like God giving me a big bear hug. My feet carried my body down the long expanse of the beach. How quickly my footprints disappeared, swallowed up by the surf!

It's short moments of quiet like those that give me perspective on life. As I looked toward my family 100 feet away playing on the beach I realized how amazingly perfect my life I would never want to be anywhere else but with them. How God had managed to surprise me in wonderful ways that I could have never planned. Had anyone ever told me at 20 years old that I would one day be the mom of five kids, living in a state of which I never gave a second thought, with a man who was created beautifully, but completely opposite in personality than me, working part-time in a low paying job with an amazing group of middle school youth..I would have told that person to take a look at my long range planner...I was NOT planning any such thing! I wanted the executive job. I wanted to wait at least 2 years (not 2 weeks) before conceiving a child, my husband would be military and we would save our money for when we were ready for for our 2.4 children! I've learned that no amount of planning stops the life that God lays before me each and every day. My life is still evolving into the perfect plan. His perfect plan.

Watching my footsteps disappear on the shore as quickly as I make them is a subtle reminder of how short my life is. Each kiss and hug should be cherished, every moment a gift from a father to his child. Time is limited to know, love and serve the one who holds the perfect plan for our lives. My life being so different than what I planned is a testament to how amazing God
is and how He never asks us for more than we can handle...even on those impossibly difficult days of diapers, messy houses, screaming kids and low moral.

The author of my life has written the story perfectly, I can't wait to see what other surprises are in store.(Just no more messy sand in my beach bottoms please.)

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