Tuesday, July 15, 2008

World Youth Links

World Youth Day is the largest gathering of
young people in the world.
Participants are
united in faith and celebrate Christ and His
through many events scheduled.
This year's World Youth Day is being held
this week,
July 14-20 in Sydney, Australia.
It is Pope Benedicts first
trip to Australia
where he will preside over a Mass estimated
to have over 500,000
people in attendence.
Can't make it to Sydney mate?
Here are some great sites
that will give you
a front row seat to many of the events:

The official World Youth Day Website

eBenedict is a great site with live blogging of the event.

The Archdiocese of San Antonio has a pilgrimage blog. Good Job guys!

EWTN has live streaming video

Briton's The Catholic Herald

The official World Youth Day Song
It's pretty good except for the goofy "I love" t-shirt the
singer is wearing
in the video. It totally distracted me
from the song.

A schedule of events.

Share in the experience by forwarding some of these
sites to the ones who you think may enjoy it.

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