Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Never Again.

A few weeks ago, the family spent a fantastic 3 day vacation at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. After visiting numerous parks around the nation, I must admit that Busch Gardens is my favorite. It has beautiful landscaping, trees with large canopies, excellent roller coasters and fun kiddie rides. After 9 years of taking the youth group to this park, I had ridden EVERY roller coaster they had at the park numerous times...until they built this one: The Griffin. I had avoided his one. It's huge! Scary! and very, very tall. It made the other roller coasters look like little miniature toys. It wasn't until our family trip that the kids taunted me to get on the monster. I refused over and over....until little Jack (who had ridden the dumb thing 15 times) promised me that I would like it.

I rode the Griffin. Eyes closed the entire time. Praying for God to deliver me from the insanity of the first drop. (You can see the second drop in the background of the picture.) And you know what? I thought my face would fly off with all the pressure of that drop! It was a terrifying experience that I will NEVER do again.

But the cool thing is that I rode the Griffin....and lived to tell.


Carolyne Reynald said...

OMG (G, for gosh)! That was great! I can relate totally with the roller coaster ride! Not the Griffin, per se. I have yet to try that. Any roller coaster becomes a confessional box for me. "Father forgive me for I have sinned. I will avoid any near ocassion of sin if you will just deliver me safe from this." I think that's why God allowed the invention of roller coasters.

Shelly said...

Favorite things: don't forget the free beer ;)