Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Standards of Beauty

I recently enrolled Jack and Gus in tennis class. They both seem to enjoy the class OK, but according to the conversation they were having on the way to the courts, the instructor may soon have trouble on her hands. They were so engrossed in their conversation, they did not even hear ME trying to give my view. Typical.

Gus: Jack, don't you think our instructor is ugly?

Jack: Yeah! She is from Russia or something.

Gus: I can't stand looking at her.

Me: What?? Guys! I think she is pretty!

Jack: Well, I guess she has a nice voice.

Gus: Uh, huh. If only we could just close our eyes and just listen to her.

Jack: THAT would TOTALLY be better!

Here is the thing everyone: This girl is gorgeous! She is Russian, has a beautiful accent and is quite svelte and sophisticated. Personally, I would love to have her face and body...It is beyond my comprehension as to WHY my two boys are so concerned with the looks of this woman. Clearly their mom holds their standard of beauty...I hope they stay small forever!

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