Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas card attempts.

Family Christmas cards. Don't you just love taking those blissful family pictures? You know what I mean... all the kids smiling sweetly, well behaved, looking straight into the camera, encouraging more poses and smiles. For me,I can honestly say that taking the Christmas picture of the kids ranks right up there with trying on swimsuits and cleaning the toilets. It's not that I MIND taking the pics, I just have trouble with all the whining I hear when I announce that everyone needs to gather outside for the picture! Not to mention the struggles I have: "Nick, look at me, no, wait, you are in front of your brother, stop hitting his face please, ok, now everyone, say cheese! Wait stop, Henry, get your head out of Jack's armpit! Gus, stop looking for ants, Becca, please help Henry look at the camera, Whoa, don't drop the baby! OK Smile, just hold that pose....awwww.no.no. Jack, zip up your pants!!"

Just know that when you get the Clemens family photo this year, appreciate the effort, pain, and misery put out by those involved. Hold the picture in your hand and enthusiastically smile at how all the kids looked nicely at the camera. Appreciate the fact that 5 kids looked the same direction at the same time. Be amazed that they are dressed and neat and lovely. And marvel, just marvel at how fast they are growing, and how beautiful they are, how happy they are, and how the picture makes a grown mom and dad cry with pride and joy.

And remember how good God is for the miracle of life and the beauty of family.

Here are a couple of out-takes for you to enjoy. (Rebecca had NO desire to be in these two)Later I'll post the "family approved-official Clemens family picture.

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