Monday, May 28, 2007


Happy Birthday to the church and God's blessings to the many men and women in our armed forces.

There were many first during the three day weekend!

1. Henry had his first experience in a olympic sized pool and loved it.
2. Jack plunged (feet first) off the 20 foot diving board.
3. Gus took his first real strokes as a serious swimmer.

But the most amazing "first" of the day was having Henry sleep in a full size crib for the first time in his eight months here on this planet. Up to this point, he's been sleeping in a port-a-crib which is small in comparison. As Henry grew, the space in the port-a-crib became smaller and smaller. It became more and more evident as time wore on, that the "big baby" crib would have to come out and the other placed in storage. Bringing up the old crib, which held my other four babies, was a sight to behold. It was dusty, broken, old food crusted in the cracks, and faded. I never imagined at the time of storage, busy with four children under the age of 8, that I would even think of ever having another baby. I thought we should simply keep it in case we had company or for another family in need. Never did I dream that my family would be the family in need. And I'm so thankful that I am.

Sweet dreams, Henry. A long history of love has lived in that crib. May you always sleep peacefully.

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