Thursday, May 10, 2007

I knew it was going to be one of those days...

My husband: You can't put that on the blog.

Me: Oh, yes I can. It's real life!

Here's the story he preferred me to keep a secret:

Today I experienced a "first" in the world of childrearing. You would think something like this had happened to me before. Considering the fact that I have five children and considering the fact that I have experienced many gross incidences of diaper changes, this one took the cake.

As I changed Henry this morning, bleary eyed and tired, I discovered that not only had he "tinkled" a huge amount, but he had also inserted a large "package" of poop as well. Barely able to see what I was doing in the early morning dawn, I wiped up his massive mess and removed his diaper. I stumbled across the bedroom floor to get him a change of clothes and a new diaper but did not notice that Henry's "used up" diaper had fallen to the floor. Unbound, open and well, very stinky. As I walked back to where Henry lay, I felt something warm and gushy on my foot...(ewh, ewh ewh...yes, you all guessed right) It was, in all its glory...Henry's poo poo. In a large green mass on the arch of my foot.(This may be too much for the reader with the weak stomach, but I just had to share this perilous moment of motherhood.) Totally awake at the realization that I had indeed stepped in something totally nasty, I just stood there, foot raised high, yelling, " Oh please, NO! This is nasty, nasty, nasty!!" Problem was, the baby wipes were on the other side of the room since I had just run out of wipes cleaning up Mr. Gross! So I hopped to the wipes and hurriedly cleaned up my foot.

I was totally disgusted. Henry was totally delighted with the entertainment.

The rest of the day did not go much better....but that's a posting for another day. Still, looking on the bright side of was much better than stepping in dog poo poo. Not that I've ever done that.


Angie said...

Oh yuck!!!! I'll pray to be saved from such a fate!

Michael said...


Take care, MC.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

I can't stop laughing. Having six of my own (all way past diapers now) I can just imagine the whole scene. Too funny. A lot more funny than gross. LOL How appropriate for the day before mother's day.

MMajor Fan said...

It was even more interesting years ago, when it was only cloth diapers! There is a whole extra "step" of poo interaction when one is using cloth diapers that have to be washed afterwards!!

Amy Caroline said...

OH you poor poor thing!!! LMBO!!!