Monday, January 14, 2008

Goodbye Christmas, Hello Ordinary Time

Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (Marks the end of the Christmas season.)

Seeing as Christ himself was baptized, it is a great time to focus on your-; own baptism or your children's baptism. Many people know the DAY they were born, but not many know the day they were BAPTIZED as a Christian in our Catholic Family! It's a big deal and one that should be celebrated! Have a big feast in your home and invite your child's godparents (if they live close), pull out your child's baptismal candle and certificate and relay what the day was like; tell your family members WHY you chose the godparents you chose and what qualities they had. Talk about what a GIFT baptism is (as one of our sacraments of initiation) and how we are called as baptized Christians to love God as he loves us. It gives me great comfort that while Jesus probably did not need to be baptized, he saw the importance of it and was baptized as an example for all of us to follow. God moves among the water and moves within us! Let's celebrate that!

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