Monday, January 21, 2008

Marching for Life

Members of the youth group, including two of my children and I, are off to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life event. We leave at the ungodly hour of 3:30am and are scheduled to arrive at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for a Mass specifically for the North Carolina contingency of Catholics at 10:30 am. Our very own Bishop Burbidge will preside along with Bishop Jugis from the Diocese of Charlotte.

The March begins at noon with a rally on the Mall followed by a march to Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court. Over 100,000 are expected to march in cold temperatures which are predicted to be in the 20's and 30's with snow and rain possible. There are at least 500 people traveling from North Carolina to D.C. along with priests, seminarians and members of the Knights of Columbus.

Are we crazy for doing this? Um. Yeah!! We are! Super crazy! But is there any better reason to march under such conditions than to remind the world and our politicians on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade that there are Americans who still value the sanctity of human life? Enough of all the death and despair. Let's pray for all women forced to undergo an abortion, the abortionists, our society that quietly approves, our politicians, and for all the unborn souls.

"Any country that accepts abortion is the poorest of the poor"
-Mother Teresa


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I would have loved to be there, Georgie! Thank you for going and bringing some of your kids for all of us that can't go! I couldn't get anyone to watch the little ones on the day of our state rally (it was 20 below windchill) and my older ones really wanted to go. In other years, even in the bitter cold, I've noticed that it's usually tons of kids and families so I hope our numbers weren't too diminished this year with the extreme cold temps...I have a feeling they weren't! God bless you!

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

It's especially painful that the anniversary date is in January! Many people have to stay home from going to their state rallies because of weather. Even here in NC, temps have been in the 20's...thus so hard for folks to bring the kiddos. No worries'll get your turn one year! Glad you liked the pics!

Kiss that baby!