Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mountain Muses

I've recently returned from a wonderful Whitewater Rafting Trip where I took 54 young people from the youth group to the mountains of North Carolina. In addition, I took my entire family so that they could enjoy the great outdoors with the teens. While the youth group was rafting, I stayed behind with Jack, Gus and Chris to prepare for dinner. Jack and Gus decided to frolick in the 10 man Jeep Tent I purchased a few years a bargain ($69) while Chris and I started the fires, organized paper products, adjusted picnic tables and spread out a variety of chips and snacks.

After a few minutes, we called Jack and Gus out of the tent so that we could have a snack together before the youth returned. Much to my surprise, Jack did not come out immediately. I called a second and third time only to hear a soft call from the tent saying he was busy. "Busy? He was busy in the tent? Doing what?"

Finally Jack came out of his little hole and approached the snack table. He surprised us all as he looked around at the goodies and responded, "Huh, I guess I can take a break from studying my Greek."

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