Sunday, October 26, 2008

Falling for Fall Pumpkins!

It is Fall in North Carolina.

There is no other season I enjoy more than this time of year. North Carolina is the place to visit during the Fall season! The leaves are turning, a nip of brisk weather is beginning to break, the pumpkins are piled up at local stores and farms, and the kids are excited...because Halloween is around the corner. If Halloween is near, my kids instinctively know that our annual trip to the farm of a dear friend for barrels of fun, laughs, chili, a spooky hayride, a campfire, and the carving of the pumpkins is just around the corner.

Here we have most of our carvers behind some of their creations. (Nick is not pictured. He opted for the hayride.)
Rebecca chose to honor the blockbuster movie of the summer, "Batman-The Dark Knight" by designing her own pumpkin carving complete with a silhouette of Batman and the bat symbol.

Jack and Gus combined their efforts to create a friendly ghost face. It makes me want to do the happy dance just from looking at it. And Nick, opted for the traditional "Wolf, howling at the moon" design. All three Clemen's pumpkins are pictured above. I do believe we may have some pumpkin artists in the family! Watch out Martha Stewart!

OK folks, with all that, and more to come we begin the crazy Halloween celebrations that I like to call, "Hell Week!"

Stay tuned for the amazing costumes that will be all the rage in my house. Rumor has it that Indiana Jones may make an appearance as well as some ghoulishly creepy characters that are sure to delight!

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