Tuesday, October 21, 2008

True wealth

I was at my favorite bagel place yesterday with Henry and while there, we enjoyed the blissful taste of a butter bagel, juice and baked Lay's. As usual, Henry smiled at everyone in the store and enjoyed simple banter with the patrons. His chubby arms waved, his plump legs galloped toward the well-known employees, and his playful eyes beams with happiness. There is always someone who shouts out, "Hi Henry! How's the chick magnet today?" After we received our order, we found our "special" booth and sat down. As I ate my treat, I watched every move my my baby boy made. Every wiggle, every expression, babble or laugh....I soaked in every second of this special time. Just Henry and I. Together. How well I know how fast the years go by.

After a few minutes, Henry decided to insert himself in the conversation happening between two middle aged women in the booth behind. He smiled and played peek-a-boo with the ladies. But I quickly stopped him so that he would not disturb them too much.

As we got up to leave, I felt a tug on my sleeve and I soon discovered that it was the woman in the booth behind me. She looked at me, smiled and said these simple, but true words.

"You are a rich woman."

The words resounded inside of me. She told me something that I already knew...five-fold. But somehow when a stranger stops you out of the blue and says something like that out loud, it makes me feel as if this message was somehow divinely inspired. A message from the Almighty straight to my heart. I do feel like a rich woman, regardless of material goods or money.

The recent economic crisis has caused doubt, fear, and uncertainty, but being truly rich with family? Well, there is nothing uncertain about that...and no one can take your family away. I have never felt more rich in my whole life. Every time I look in my baby's eyes. I am the Queen!

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Kathy Judson said...

OMG How very true. We look at out kids every day and say the very same thing. They are so precious. No amount of money on the world or "things" will ever take the place of these special moments with our children. We were just having this conversation this morning.