Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Being 10

Jack has turned 10 today.  There was not much fanfare since he had to share the day with his sister's first day of school as a senior in high school, his brothers first day as an 8th grader and the regular chaos that normally ensues on the first day of school.  Poor Jack. His birthday always comes during one of the busiest times of the year:  the beginning of school.

As usual, we have to postpone Jack's party until the weekend when we will take Jack and a few of his best buds to the cabin for a few days of swimming, boating, making smores and riding the ever-popular go-kart.

But because of the timing of Jack's  birthday, I always try harder to make his birthday DAY special.  I try to find gifts that he will especially like, a cake that is his favorite flavor; a dinner that makes him smile....mostly because I feel guilty that he may feel overlooked.  But Jack is always content and happy with what his mom and dad provide.  I see it in his smile and his sweet nature.  But I always have that nagging feeling that I fell short.  Very short.  Maybe there was not enough attention paid to the day Jack graced our lives forever.

I forget that Jack is probably one of the most content children in the family...much of it due to the fact that he knows how to entertain himself in a family of extroverts.  He is very good at  reading, playing with friends and hanging with his brothers. He's a happy kid.

Later in the evening after presents, dinner and cake...Jack says to me much to my surprise, "It was the best  birthday ever!"

Well, it wasn't much hoopla, but we did mark the day with hugs and kisses in thanksgiving for our content child, Jack.  (John Christoper)  And it was apparently enough for him!

Happy Birthday Jack!

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