Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My baby, all grown up

My baby. My first.

She's all grown up. And is a senior in high school. A SENIOR!

Just a few years ago, my days were long, exhausting days with my new baby, new husband, new life, new world. And the days went by very, very slowly. Today, as I look at this picture of my first born, playing the life out of her trombone; I reflect back to those early days when so many people would tell me how 'fast time flies' and that 'before you know it, she'll be off to college'. I remember patiently nodding my head at them in agreement; shifting my baby from one hip to the other, but inside thinking they were crazy. "Oh, they are just nostalgic for their younger days." I would think.

Well, they weren't crazy. Time does go faster as the kids get older, and 17 years later I am jolted to the core as I stare at a picture of my daughter fully grown, doing what she loves (band), with her back turned in the picture as if to tell me: "Mom, it's time for be to get ready to go. I'm ready to walk away from you and dad and enter the vast world."

I have one precious year left with my daughter at home and I plan to milk each and every minute of it. Every concert, every practice, every quiet moment I will relish because she's my #1 guinea pig for all the other babies and a good one she was.

And the moment she does walk away from me...I'll be able to say that she gave me a life worth living, a new perspective, and wild and fun ride into what raising children all about. And that hopefully will get me through MY moment of nostalgia....when I see that mom with a baby on her hip..and I say, "before you know it, she'll be off to college."

Enjoy your children everyone...time DOES go by fast.

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Dietta said...

Georgie - You're making me cry just thinking about it. Wow -- It really doesn't seem that long ago that I was holding that bundle at my wedding (or dancing at yours for that matter). So glad you're enjoying every minute. Miss you ...Dietta