Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween notes for next year:

1. Don't buy candy early. Before you know it, you'll eat two bags before the holiday arrives.
2. A gigantic pumpkin purchase is not necessary, the smaller, more manageable pumpkins do just fine and take less time to carve.
3. If you are in need of an interesting science project, carve your pumpkins early in the unseasonable warm weather and see what grows!
4. If you let your kids wear their costumes early, they'll want to be something else by the time Halloween rolls around.
5. If your husband asks if he should dress up, tell him NO! (see pic)

Can you guess what he is?

6. Limit the number of weapons carried by your boys while trick or treating.
7. Have plenty of Diet Coke on hand.
8. Remember to buy CHOCOLATE candy to have something to snack on while waiting for trick-or-treaters.


Chad said...

He looks like a chair covered with a tablecloth.

But was he supposed to be a mummy? A ghost?

Anonymous said...

Ghost of Gumby?

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

ghost of gumby is hilarious!
No, he simply put a chair cover over himself and declaired himself a chair. The kids were beside themselves in laughter.