Sunday, November 26, 2006

Holiday Hunt...

OK, yeah, I admit it. I was there. It was me that you saw, fumbling through the bargains and sale items. I was there with all the other ga-billion people shopping on black Friday (that's what they call the shopping day AFTER Thanksgiving). I was there, looking for a good bargain, unique gifts for my loved ones, freebies and anything else that would make the holiday complete. I confess that I love crowds and sales, but most especially sales. Those red tags marking certian items down are just my cup of tea, but it needs to be a particular kind of sign that says: CLEARANCE or 60% off or more to get me to actually stop. It's more of a rolling stop though; where I kind of slow down, take a long look and maybe stop. Now, to be clear, there is another kind of Stop that I participate in and that's when a sign advertises 75%-90% off. Hey, now...that's when we are talking!!! That is when I stop in my tracks, turn and march DI-RECTLY to the items on display. I tell you, those tables are where you can get the best deals...especially if you are willing to store it for half a year or more until it can actually be used!

I admit to having a small closet in my bedroom called the "Christmas closet" where I store all my bargains for the year. You can find kids toys in bulk, after Christmas sale items, seasonal decorations and birthday party favors. It's not just for Christmas stuff as you can tell, but for everything that I buy on sale! In fact, I can't wait to decorate the house this year; I bought some fantastic ornaments last year...we're talking 90% off....and I'll be using them this year and giving some away as teacher gifts.

This is where I LOVE to go for after Christmas SalesMy sister and I visited about 6 of these store between the two of us to check out their after Christmas prices. If you can wait, these items will go down to a really low price. For the best scenario, visit one of their stores and check out their unique selections of gifts. Very sweet stuff. Oh, and good food too!

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