Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Gus!

Wasn't it just yesterday when you surprised me with your conception? When I cried with fear when I realized you were on the way and how I didn't know how I would handle 4 children? Wasn't it yesterday when they put you in my arms for the first time? When we held you as a baby and now marvel at you in Kindergarten? How can it be that you are 6 years old, over halfway to 10 years old? You were the one who was the "baby" for the longest although it seems you had to grow up faster than all the others. Your entertaining and sometimes frustrating traits always give us something to talk about. You will always be our "Goose" and are so thankful that you taught us that having 4 kids is not hard; it's a blessing! We can never imagine life without you Gus! Happy 6th Birthday!


becky clemens said...

Great picture!!! Gus is so handsome. It's hard to believe six years have gone by already.

Grandma said...

Gussy Pooh

You are just a Monkey!! Always jumping around, rolling on the floor and I saw you kissing Jack one day....why.. cause your brother. You have a sweet little heart.

We love you you and Happy Birthday


Anonymous said...

Gus hope you had a wookie of a bithday!