Monday, November 06, 2006

Knock your socks off!

Folks, this is the SONG! to end all songs! I am a big Josh Grobin fan I'll admit. He turns me into a bumbling, sobbing, teen-ager when I listen to his music. But his newest album, AWAKE, is due out on Tuesday and I plan to be the first at the music store to buy it. His song, "You Are Loved", will fill your heart with joy, especially when you view the video. It's clearly a Christian theme with a Christian message. It's a message that the world needs to hear. Simple and straight to the point.

View the video by clicking HERE! After you view it once, view it a second's more powerful!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a Christian mom with a blog of my own. Happened onto your blog... I have enjoyed reading it tonight and wanted you to know that I found it faith filled and fun filled. And I'm going to have to write some lists of my own. Blessings-