Monday, April 23, 2007

Baby Love

There are many moments of beauty and grace around my house. I sometimes have a hard time seeing them though. Like today, when all the four kids came in from school, I expected them to put away backpacks, set daily homework papers on the kitchen counter for me to review, place the lunchboxes on the kitchen bar, and put their shoes in the front closet. It's really very simple, and for the most part, they have mastered the routine. But lately, since King Henry has been getting plumper, slobbery, and ready to crawl, the older kids forget their routine and head straight to the family room to ooogle their baby brother. Today, I tripped over three backpacks that were strewn all over the kitchen floor. They were not in the place they were supposed to be...I was NOT happy to say the least. So I marched over to the family room to give them a good talkin' to, but as my eyes looked over to my children, I saw all four of my older kids surrounding their baby brother laughing, smiling, and entertaining him. Henry, of course, welcomed every lavish moment of entertainment and encouraged more by laughing loudly.

After a few moments of watching, I heard #4 child say, "I just can't believe we have a baby!"

I second that motion and want to add how blessed I am to be the mother of such beautiful creations of God. How could any woman wish for anything more in her life than to be the one and only mother of a child.

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