Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mom to Mom

Often times I complain that there are not enough practical books on being a Catholic wife and mother. Oh, sure there's plenty of "heavy-duty" theological documents out there on the importance of being a devout Catholic married woman, how children are a blessing from God, and how the union of man and wife is sacramental. But VERY little on HOW to be this devout woman, especially when the children are running five different directions and they DON"T seem like the blessings you'd thought they would be (you would just like to read ONE really great book for one hour straight for once), or how to nurture your marriage when you and your husband pass like ships in the night due to a million different commitments, the job, or the baseball practice. Oh, but finally I hear there is a book just published that just might do the trick for you and I. It's titled Mom to Mom and is written by Danielle Bean, Danielle is one of those devout Catholic women, who happens to have seven kids, homeschools and looks at life in a very REAL and WONDERFUL way. She's one of those women who has her priorities straight and addresses the many challenges of everyday Catholic family life. I've just ordered the book as an Easter gift to myself. Now all I'll have to do is carve out some time to read it. Order yourself a copy and buy another for a friend and see the many pearls of wisdom she offers.

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Angie said...

Thanks for the recommendation -- I'll have to check it out!