Thursday, April 12, 2007

Top 10 things I've figured out in my short 6 months on this earth

1. If I cry loud enough, someone always shows up. I never know who it will be!
2. If there is a toy I desperately want, rolling towards it always helps, except when the table leg gets in the way.
3. Family members oooooh and ahhhh when I prop myself up on all fours. What's the big deal?
4. Those stubs on the ends of my body are feet and they taste really good.
5. The dark is boring. I need company when I see it. Preferably the company of my parents warm bodies.
6. My parents bed is waaaay more comfortable than mine.
7. Baby powder feels really good. Can I drink it?
8. Brothers are so cool! They give me wooden weapons to practice my warrior moves.
9. I DO NOT LIKE anything sticky or gooey between my legs!
10. The ladies love me. I have them all wrapped around my fingers.

1 comment:

Just Nancy said...

Very cute list. I've never met the little guy and he has me wrapped around his finger!