Friday, August 18, 2006

Buh, bye!

For the first time since I can really remember, I am home alone. No boys, No girl, No husband for one night. Weird.

My husband decided that I needed a break from the kids (did it show that bad?) so he decided last minute to pack up his old Rover with the boys and go camping near Asheville. When he made this generous offer to me earlier in the week, a small part of me thought I should protest. You know, good moms don't let their young children go camping with just DAD. They need their mommy, you know. Who will cook and read and tell them stories and make sure that they don't get eaten by mosquitoes? Who will put on their sunscreeen, walk them to the potty, point out dangerous rocks, keep them from deep water and on and on. I mean these boys are 10, 6 and 5...there needs to be at least two parents to watch and manage. Right? Right.

Well then someone explain to me why in the world I accepted his offer with glee and anticipation? Let me be honest here people, I DID NOT EVEN SHED A TEAR WHEN THEY LEFT THIS AFTERNOON! Chris packed up the car with all the necessary camping items, yelled to the boys to take their places in the car, and rode off into the sunset. As I helped buckle the younger boys in the backseat of the car I heard Jack say, "Mom, you can come if you want to." Gus continued, "Yea, mom. We want you to come wif us." I smiled and looked at their sweet sincere faces and said, " I wish I could, but mommy and the baby need to sleep in a bed tonight. I'm sure you and daddy will have a great time together." As I slammed the door closed, Gus looked at me through the windshield, his eyes welling up with tears, started to the fact that I was staying behind. I admit that it pulled at my heartstrings, but still, it did not make me want to go. It just proves that I am tired, 8 months pregnant and need a break. It's been a long summer.

I still feel a little guilty that I'm home alone while the men of the house are gone, but deep down I know that I need some time alone, to recharge, regroup, and pray, before our fifth child is born. It will ultimately make me a better mom and wife. Chris knows this. I am just grateful that my husband made the offer to give me some time to myself (even if it is only overnight) and that he is the type of man that recognizes that a tired, pregnant wife could use a break every now and then. In a few short hours they will come home to me dirty, greasy, smelly, but happy. None more happy than their mom....


Michelle said...

You didn't cry because you bravely recognized the important life lesson being taught - namely independence from Mom. This has NOTHING to do with YOUR's all about what's best for THEM.


laurathecrazymama said...

WOW, could your hubs give a lesson to Butch? I would LOVE it if he took them all for even a couple of HOURS without making me feel guilty! He's really great, don't get me wrong, but I can't remember the last time I had a day to myself without worrying when I would be called for some non-emergent thing that was happening at home. Oh well, I hope you enjoyed your time!