Sunday, August 13, 2006

A sweet tooth.

Boys can be so gross.

Today was no exception. Now I could spare you, dear readers, the day to day, gross boy stuff that circulates in the house of four crying out loud, but then I would be a dishonest writer wouldn't I? Writers must tell the truth, no matter how gross or how repulsive. My only comfort is that maybe, just maybe, you could have a gross boy too?

Gus: Dad, do buggars have sugar in them?

Dad: Why? Do you like the way they taste?

Gus: Yes.

Dad: No they don't have sugar in them.


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there was some antic from Jack and Gus on a plane when you all went to Chile which was hilariuos. It was posted on your travel blog thing. You should group these antics so people could read them all together in one convenient link. God bless - say hey to the kids.