Friday, August 18, 2006

Pregnancy Brain...all in one day!

1. You gather up all the kids for back to school shopping, grab the school supply lists, drive to the store and absentmindedly throw the supply lists away in the Staples trashcan.

Me: Becca, go to the car and see if I left the supply lists there.

Becca: Mom they are not there.

Me: Oh, dear, did I throw them away? (I dug through the trash can at the store) Oh, here they are.

Becca: MOM!!!

2. You start dinner by putting a pot of water on the stove to boil. You turn on the stove but later realize you turned on the back burner that holds the teapot instead of the front burner which holds your pot of water.

Gus: Mom what is that sound?

Me: Oh! The teapot is whistling. What happened?

Chris: You turned the wrong burner on.

Me: Ug.

3. After collating forms for an upcoming youth retreat you are planning, you wonder WHERE you placed the stack of registration forms. They must be on your desk somewhere. After all, they ARE lime green and are hard to miss.

Me: Becca (again) , have you seen my retreat forms?

Becca: They could be in the recycling box in your office.

Me: NO. I just copied them and need to distribute them to the youth. I would not have put them in the recycling box.

Becca: (searching through the box anyway) Uh, mom...are these the forms?

Me: Huh? Yeah? What were they doing in there???

Becca: (Laughing heatily) Mom , you need a vacation!

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