Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Life and Science....Clemens style!

(Jack and Gus look out the small window of a real Mercury Capsule)

Last week, Jack and Gus had a teacher workday, so I decided to pack them up, along with baby Henry and visit the Museum of Life and Science. This wonderful museum, located in Durham, North Carolina boasts one the largest exhibits of Gemini and Apollo space items, as well as a state of the art Butterfly house, a brand new "Catch the Wind"exhibit, an expansive indoor/outdoor play area, farmyard and animal exhibit. The highlight for the boys is riding the Ellerbee Creek Railway which travels through a dark tunnel as well as lush forest.

Jack and Gus INSIDE the Mercury Capsule...not much to do in there!

Jack found something to do by playing in the Kapla wooden blocks section of the museum. He built some sort of high rise hotel, it seems.

Even Henry had a good time! What a mad, mad scientist baby!

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