Friday, October 05, 2007


Rebecca's high school band returned last week from their first band competition. They received a superior rating which is the highest rating you can get. Not bad for their first competition. Tomorrow they compete in their second competition...Go Band! The following pictures were taken by a professional photographer who has a child in the band. These pictures of Rebecca were from some of the many practices the band held...on some very hot summer days! Here are some of my favorites.

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Grandma Mary said...

Our Beautiful Becca.

Our favorite is the first one. I love the far away look, waiting for the next step or just waiting for a friend or just enjoying a satisfied feeling

We are so grateful for all of our grandchildren that are finding their gifts along life's path. Their profession in life is one, their therapuatic escape in whatever hobby the will end up with will be their healing source for their down days. Although becca may go into music, we dont know but I do know that she will always be a music lover like the rest of the family.

How fun. Becca we love you.

Grandma Mary and Grandpa Hector