Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mardi Gras and Youth Ministry

The youth council and I have been planning a Mardi Gras Dance and Carnival for the larger youth group for the last month or so. This event occurred this past Friday, February 24th. Keep in mind that when I say carnival, I mostly mean that the gym was filled with "kiddie" games like shuffle board, hoola hoops, bowling (with plastic pins), darts, a beanbag toss, henna tatoos and on and on. You would be surprised how much youth "get-into" the silliness of the night. We danced, ate lots of junk food, made our own masks and even crowned a king and queen! We are officially ready for Lent! Here are a few pictures:

The symbols of the celebration!

Yes, that is me in the purple wig with the king of Mardi Gras. It's not my color, but hey, I try to live a little!

The cha-cha slide....a classic!

Jack gets into the act with his own home-made mask! He was a very popular dance partner!

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Mom & Sister Gabe said...

Just read your last posting on Mardi gras. We are at St. Andrews Convent with Sister Gabe. Am trying to place your blog in her favorites.

Love you