Monday, February 06, 2006

One of the rarest sights seen at a secular university

Chris and I were pleased to have lunch on Thursday with Fr. Tim, a priest friend of ours who pastors two small parishes near the N.C. coast. We ate at a restaurant on the University property near Chris's lab and office. During our lunch, I suggested that it would be great if Fr Tim would bless Chris's lab and office space. Fr. Tim agreed.

So, Fr. Tim, all in black and Chris headed to the astronomy lab. You can imagine the looks one gets when you walk with a "man of the cloth" on a University Campus, much less when he pulls out the 'ol holy water and starts blessing large scientific equipment, tools, computers and workspaces. --- "Oh," Fr. Tim says, " We can't forget the windows." ---and the windows.

Despite the fact that God is Dead at most secular Universities, He is alive and well at the Astronomy Lab where my husband works.

So Cool.

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