Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Relationships 101

St. Valentine's Day is always an exciting time for the kids.

Yesterday, Nick decided to buy a medium sized chocolate heart for a "girlfriend" he's had since he was 5 or so. He was a bit hesitant to purchase such a gift; afraid he would get teased from the other 4th grade boys in his class. I encouraged him that it would be a sweet gesture to his good friend and that it would make her happy. I even suggested that he could "secretly" hide the gift in her desk and then tell her later that he was her mystery valentine.

Nick liked that idea.

Nick came in from school today and sat down to do homework.

Me: Nick! How did the secret Valentine gift go over?

Nick: (smiling and proud) Well, mom. I put the Valentine in her desk without anyone seeing. At first she did not notice, but after awhile she realized there was something kinda big in her desk. I watched as she pulled out her heart and her eyes were, like, really BIG! She kinda, just stood there, wondering where in the world it came from.

Me: Yeah, and?

Nick: Well then she decided to go up to the teacher and tell her that she received a mysterious Valentine and had NO idea who had given it to her. Mrs. Greene (Nick's teacher) ANNOUNCED to the whole CLASS that she must have a secret mom....everyone in CLASS knew of her gift!

Me: Oh, your friend must have been SO excited.

Nick: Yeah, but...everyone in class was guessing that it was ME that gave her the Valentine!

Me: And they were RIGHT!

Nick: Yeah. (Somewhat deflated) I don't think it was too good of an idea to give her the Valentine MOM! Now everyone thinks that I'm IN LOVE!!

Me: Nick..who cares what others say. You made a friend very happy today, no matter what! You should be proud. Plus, as handsome as you are, most of the girls are wishing you had given THEM a heart like that, and the boys are wishing they were as cool and smooth as you!

Nick: (giggling) I guess.

Happy St. Valentine's Day everyone! Everyone deserves a surprise on Valentine's Day!


Michael said...

great story

take care

Mary Tamayo said...


You are such a romantic little guy. You are going to make a wife so happy one of these days. are a Gemini just like your Grandma. She is also a very, very romantic person and.. people like us go farrr when it comes to loving others.