Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sunday morning indoctrination--it's never too early!

Last Sunday morning, Jack and Gus, shirtless and in their jammy pants, made their way into our bed to snuggle. I say "snuggle" but it was more like a bombardment of spaghetti-like arms and legs interrupting my heavenly slumber. Chris awakened first to witness the giggles of our younger boys and started his Catholic-Dad indoctrination while I listened....half awake...half asleep.

Chris: know, one day, when you grow up, you will want to marry a beautiful girl like your mommy. (was he talking about me? morning breath and all? I don't think he was looking too closely at his sleeping beauty wife!!EWWWH)

5 year old Gus interrupted his dad with a painful moan: "OHHHH GOD"

Chris (continuing): And you will want to have lots of children.

6 year old Jack said excitedly, "Just like YOU dad!"

Chris: Yeah, just like ME!

Before Chris could continue his indoctrination, Gus promply sits up, sticks his arm out, hand in the STOP position and annouces with force, " I TOTALLY don't want a GIRL!"

I tell you all, Chris and I laughed so hard..................hmmmm, THAT will change.


laurathecrazymama said...

Super cute! I love those conversations between dad and boys!

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

I like 'em too, just not that early in the morning(: