Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pure Fashion: It's back in style

Here is a great excerpt from the article bootylicious backlash written by Anne Marie Owens. A prime example of what small religious groups like the Catholic Challenge Girls Club can influence if they work hard enough.

Coleen Kelly Mast of Catholic Answers, says Pure Fashion can impress upon young girls how important it is to consider how they present themselves to others. "You are a walking advertisement," she says. "The type of clothing you wear will either advertise your body — or your values and beliefs as a person."
"Teenage girls often don’t realize what men and boys think and feel when they see girls dressed immodestly. Clothes that are tight, short, skimpy or transparent can be a real temptation for others to lust."

"Teaching modesty should be a normal part of the discipline of children on the road to self-mastery," she says. "It can remind them of their inner dignity as a child of God. Each time a child shops for or gets a new outfit, the question of modesty should be addressed. Children can begin to think about the statements they are making with their clothes."

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Amy Caroline said...

This is excellent. Thank you Georigie! I was actually talking about this with my husband today. We went out to run errands and I couldn't count how many times I saw women dressed like... well, you know. Super tight shirts hugging their flabby bellies and daisy duke shorts.
My aughters recently started wanting wear skirts more often and my eldest is very concerned about her modesty. In fact she always has been on some level. I am so proud of them. I grew up without such a moral compass! Good thing my kids are turning out better than I ever was!