Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A good thing, a bad thing

The Clemens family has a fairly regular dinnertime routine of having each person at the dinner table express one "Good thing and one Bad thing" that happened to them during the day. We always go clockwise around the table starting with Gus, continuing with Jack, Nick, Rebecca and ending with mom and dad. Responses range from the ridiculous to the mundane but it is one surefire sneaky way that mom gets a glimpse of what goes on in the lives of the kids when they are away at school. Sometimes, without the kids realizing it, I can "read between the lines" from what my children mention during this exercise...and get a bit of a confession when one gets in trouble in the classroom. See if you can guess which child's good and bad thing got him in trouble today:

Gus: The good thing that happened today was that school was awesomely FUN, but the bad thing was that I could not stay home with mom.

Jack: The good thing today was that I got to work on my boyscout boat with dad today, and the bad thing is that it is not finished yet.

Nick: The good thing is that I got to play football at my friends house today, and the bad thing was that "Spencer" MADE me talk too much in class.

Becca: The good thing is that I got to play a Benz trombone and the bad thing is that I don't have one of my own.

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