Sunday, October 22, 2006

When he makes my heart skip a beat; without even knowing it.

1. When he wears Navy Blue.
2. When he walks in the door smelling like his office.
3. When he puts his foot on top of mine during our talks.
4. He kisses me goodbye in the mornings when I'm still in bed sleeping.
5. When I catch a glimpse of him praying in church.
6. When he holds our babies, the same old familiar way...
7. When he makes me popcorn.
8. When he's working on the computer; his face illuminated by its light.
9. When he saves the last bite for me.
10. When he tells me that I'm hotter than Catherine Zeta Jones (although I don't believe him--I'll take it!)


Michelle said...

Aren't wonderful husbands wonderful blessings?

sunnyday said...

Hi! It's wonderful that there's no taking for granted him whom God has placed beside you for life =)

Found your blog by link-hopping.


Mary said...

This is the kind of marital love that lasts 50 years +.

You are both wonderful people