Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A teaching moment...

Life can get so busy sometimes, and in reality, the devil can work right along with one's busyness. Too busy to pray, or listen to that child who simply wants you to read that book to him. Too busy to stop and chat with that lonely neighbor or attend a school function. Too busy to write that lunchbox note, or bake those pumpkin cookies. Too busy to hold your baby when he needs alittle more attention or review Spanish words with your child before that big quiz.

But God can get your attention in little ways, if you listen closely, He speaks clearly.

Tonight I was busy cleaning the kitchen, the boys were in the shower, Rebecca was quietly doing her homework on the floor in the family room, and King Henry was staring at some "stimulating baby toy" in the corner of his downstairs crib. Soon, I heard Henry's cry and thought to myself, "Oh, great! I'm never going to get this kitchen clean! Henry needs me to be with him." Before I knew it, the phone interrupted my thought process and I ended up on the phone instead of holding my new baby. After I hung up the phone, I saw a beautiful sight: My daughter was studying her Spanish notecards with Henry right by her side on the floor...looking up at her as if she were the greatest thing he'd ever seen. Rebecca had picked up her crying brother, soothed him and laid him on the floor next to her and kept him company by reading Spanish words to him and he LOVED it. Henry just wanted some company and Becca was just the person to give it to him.

As I looked at my children, I thought to myself,"The beginning and the end.....The Alpha and the Omega staring into each other's eyes." Everything has a beginning and an end and there I was staring at the spectrum of time between my first child and my last with the realization that time flies and the opportunities to hold my children are finite. Forget the phone and the kitchen people! Hold your babies before they leave!


Mom said...

You have tremendous motherly instinct.

These are Words that are classic. Our children are the ones that love us the most..they stand with us through thick and thin. I also have an alpha and an Omega and I love them both so much

LOve ya

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

thanks mom.