Sunday, October 15, 2006

I "heart" this pan.

Speaking of seasons and food, did I mention that I absolutely LOVE Halloween, All Souls/Saints, the Fall Season and all its colors, smells, and weather. I really do! In fact, I cannot resist anything unique that helps to celebrate the season. The other day when my sister was visiting, we went to the mall to walk around. She pointed out this terrific "Pumpkin Patch Pan" made by Williams Sonoma and so I bought one. Basically this is a cupcake pan with insets made in the shape of half pumpkins. You can place one half on top of another and you have your very own cake pumpkin. Add a little green and orange frosting and you have a special dessert for the kids or a party. You can purchase your own HERE.

This weekend we were invited to a Pumpkin Carving Party and I brought my very own Pumpkin Patch Muffins. (They looked very much like the ones pictured above.) I did not use the recommended Williams and Sonoma recipe (who has time for that?), and instead bought the Pillsbury Spice Cake Mix instead. The Pumpkins could not have turned out better and they were a hit at the party. I may make another batch for our trick or treat gathering on Halloween and give some to teachers! Happy Fall!

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