Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lenten Sacrifices

As with all larger families, saving money is an important part of daily life. When you have four crying out loud, something as simple as going to a barber shop can cost between $40-$60 a pop depending on where you go. Luckily, my industrious husband offers to cut the boys hair when they start turning into wooly boogers (as we call it here at the homestead). Rebecca is the only one who indulges in full price hair cutting..reason being that (1).she's got a ton of think wavy hair AND to mess that up would be a sacrilege and (2.) she's a girl! Dad's just don't know how to cut girl hair!

Hair was getting out of control here at the Clemens abode recently, and we knew we needed to line the boys up for their haircuts. It is NOT pleasant to cut the hair of three boys. Young boys, in general, do not like to sit still for longer than 2 minutes or so. To them, cutting hair can be compared to something unpleasant like....playing barbies, or having proper tea at a tea party or dressing up in fancy clothes. They moan and groan in pain when they know they have to go "under the knife".....ESPECIALLY GUS. Even Chris dreads the whole thing, but knows he will save money. "I saved $60 today!" Chris proudly exclaims when he finishes. Below are pictures of Gus and Jack on the hot seat. Nick ran away before I could get his picture. I'll post him later:

Call the "Wahhhhmbulance!" The agony of it all!!!!

Jack was actually willing to smile for the camera. He has more self-control than GUS.

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