Friday, March 24, 2006

A lesson for the world....

Today is Friday, and the beginning of Spring Break for Rebecca and Nicholas.

Nick has a couple of his neighborhood friends over and I was preparing their lunch feast of frozen pizza, garlic bread and brownies. As I finished slaving over the frozen pizzas (HA!) I called the boys down to eat. Before I knew it, they were sitting at the kitchen table laughing and talking about plans for Spring Break as they waited for their food to be served. I served them on paper plates ( also known as the "Clemens China") and placed the plates in front of each boy. As I turned away to serve myself, things got quiet...which always sets off red flags for as I turned back to see what the boys were up to, I saw the most amazing sight: all three elementary-aged boys were praying to themselves quietly before they ate. You see, one of Nick's friends is Jewish, one is Protestant, and Nick....the Catholic....all their own themselves...quietly. Not 10 seconds later, they were back to their boisterous selves laughing and talking....un-moved at what just happened.

It was beautiful.

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