Monday, June 12, 2006

Gluttony will get you nowhere!

I seem to be hungry ALL the time!

My stomach is all scrunched up making room for baby so I tend to want food all the time. If I eat a regular portion of food, I end up with terrible heartburn and must remain standing for awhile for the food to digest. Mostly I just eat small portions of food so that I'm not miserable, but sometimes despite my efforts to subdue my eating...the heartburn comes. Today was no exception.

I was eating bites of food all day. Cheese here, cantaloupe there, a spoon of ice cream at 2:00, a slice of bread at 3:00. But around 5:00 I was starving. BIG TIME. And I was craving a BIG JUICY hamburger. I called my husband immediately and told him that the kids and I would pick him up from work and go directly to a local restaurant so that I could get my burger fix. I did not have time to cook my own burger since I had a meeting at church later in the evening. My sweet husband knew better than to cross a starving pregnant woman (he's had lots of experience) and pleasantly agreed to my desires.

We arrived at the restaurant and ordered. My hamburger arrived and it looked perfect. Beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and mustard. I took one bite and immediately felt that preliminary stuffiness. I ignored it and continued to enjoy my burger...slowly. After eating only half the hamburger, I had to put it down because I was full...too full for another bite. I looked down at my beautiful burger and realized that I still wanted it, but could not eat another bite. I was uncomfortably full and needed to stand up to stretch my belly and digest what little I had eaten. I wished I had brought along my Tums, but even those don't tend to help.

Chris: Georgie, is this going to be a big baby again?

Me: Oh yeah, I don't remember feeling this uncomfortable this early. It's a big 'un all right. (In my last two pregnancies I gave birth to a 10lb baby and a 10 1/2lb baby so I'm a bit concerned that this one could tip the scales at 11lbs)

After our dinner, I moved on to a youth meeting I had scheduled. My discomfort had subsided after an hour or so, and I focused on the meeting at hand. After a couple of hours at the church, I said my goodbyes and headed home. But guess what? I was hungry again and this time I was craving chocolate. More specifically: Stork Chocolate Reisen...the chocolate of the gods!! I could not stop thinking about it..the caramel inside, the dark chocolate outside, chewy, melt in your mouth chocolate...Before I knew it, I was in my driveway. I thought to myself, "should I ask my husband to make a run for the chocolate or should I do it?" I decided to do it, so I put the car in reverse and headed to the drug store at 9:30 to satisfy my chocolate craving.

As I arrived at the store, I saw that candy (5 boxes for $5), Gatoraide, soda and toilet paper was on sale. There were no available baskets so I had to carry my treasures by hand. You people should have seen my pregnant self!....I piled my 5 candy boxes along with my 5 Gatoraide bottles and my two rolls of toilet paper into my arms...but wait...I forgot my chocolate! I hurried to the chocolate isle and topped my tower of goodies with my one bag of chocolate. I balanced everything with great care, but realized how ridiculous I looked as I turned and saw the checkout lady staring at me. I wondered what she was thinking as she watched me gingerly carry my items to the checkout. I smiled at her and she glared back at me. Grump..Couldn't she see that this was a late night necessity for a pregnant woman like myself?

I arrived home to cheers and admiration as I showed the kids my treasures. I shared. Yes, I shared. But I did NOT share my chocolate. I ate 3 candies and the stuffiness came back. I ate one more and realized I was full again. I handed over the chocolate to my appreciative husband and felt unfulfilled. I wanted more but could eat no more. I called a friend, worked on the computer and stretched my stomach so that my discomfort would subside. It is now midnight and I'm feeling much better. And guess what? I'm hungry again......


Mom Nancy said...

this sounds like torture. My baby, one and only pregnancy, was born 9 weeks early and only weighed 2.5 pounds so I don't really know what you're feeling, but you described it pretty well, and it sounds hellish. In fact, that's something I saw on a Twilight Zone kind of show as some guy's personal place in Hell. The more he ate, the hungrier he got.

Prayers going up for you!

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

It's certainly weird alright! Today is going better, but I'm desiring fruit! At least it's not chocolate!

Thanks for your encouragement!

Amy Caroline said...

Oh have I been going through the same thing. I am 36 weeks today and RAVENOUS all the time. Nothing seems to satisfy. I eat but can only eat so much and in a half hour I am starving again. With the GD that makes it impossible to test my blood sugar too.
Sometimes the sheer torture of it just makes me want to curl up and cry. Only a few more weeks! This will not last forever...
And I am hungry again too.

Michelle said...

Oh I'm so happy to be "between" pregnancies right now!

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...


Glad I'm not alone, but I'm jealous that you are due so much sooner than me. I know, I should relish my pregnancy days, but it's hard when it can be so uncomfortable!


Enjoy the "in-between" stage!