Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some awesome kids...

From American Papist. Be sure to view their website below and see pictures of these outstanding Catholic young people.

Missionaries for a new sexual revolution bring message to Augusta: Real Love Rejects Abortion

AUGUSTA, Maine, Dissatisfied and disenchanted with the culture's glorification of abortion and no-strings-attached sex, 12 young adults have dedicated their summers to walking through the Northeast as "missionaries for a new sexual revolution."

"We will stand no longer for the culture of death advocated by those who promote casual sex and abortion," said spokesperson Jessica Newman. "Our generation needs to hear the message that real love rejects abortion."

She continued, "We are not rejecting the culture; we are going to untwist the lies thrown upon our generation and transform the culture."

Using the late Pope John Paul II's collection of revolutionary teachings known as the "Theology of the Body," the young adults from throughout the United States are sharing the good news about the true meaning of sex, along major highways and in Catholic parishes from Augusta, Maine, to Washington, D.C.

"True liberation did not come from the sexual revolution of our parents' generation," said Lacy Howard, a student at the University of Maryland. "True love must be total, faithful and fruitful, or it is not authentic. It is disheartening to see so many people buy into the lie that selfish relationships will lead to happiness and freedom. Instead, we are echoing the words of John Paul II, who said that only in a sincere gift of self can one discover himself."

Although their message is universal, the young adults, known as the Missionaries of the Eucharist, are also urging Catholics to look to the example of Jesus Christ who gives of himself in Holy Communion at every Mass.

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